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1.  Swearing, cursing is allowed.  Just don't run off at the mouth.

2.  No hentai.  Suggestion is fine, but don't go into all the grimy little details.  There are preadolescents present.  *Chels glares* "Don't call me that!"

3.  Don't go around killing other's characters.  It's not very polite. There's also a good chance it'll get you kicked out.  If you want to kill a character, discuss it with the administration (Tori and one of Fluffy's various personalities), the person's character, and some of the other members to see what they have planned. 

4. Bunny slippers are not to be worn in the RPG area.

5. Your char is not to be one of the original senshi.  They're in Japan, we're in Orpheus.  Also, don't give us a fanfic character or character from another series.  We're looking for NeoConstellation characters.

6.  Don't give us an app,  then change your character.  Accepted applications are final: no changes.

7. Play your character.  You can control other characters in minor amounts (an answer, a small action [reading the paper, etc]) is allowed, as long as it's in character. 

Want to apply?  Things to keep in mind.