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*folds hands and begins talking like a monk*

Before we begin we must scare away all the unfaithful.   The mail load you get is surprisingly small.  This is because we firmly believe in a no spam policy.  This means absolutely no chain letters, forwards, or other types of 'stupid' mail.  You know what we mean. Unless you've become the best of friends with someone in the RPG, I would doubt they'd want spam from you.

Also, we like to hear from people.  Upon acceptance into the RPG, you'll receive the URL of the members page, which is to be kept to yourself, meaning don't give it to people who aren't members. You'll also get a name and password to Closet Chat, which we use as our general meeting room, from Cassiopeia. The member's page gives you access to everybody's e-mail, a message board, and the character's personal websites, from which you can access Closet Chat.

You can refuse to join a story. For any number of myriad reasons. Just make a post or e-mail saying that you can't/don't want to do it and give us a reason. Make it a good reason. If you skip out on too many stories, we might be forced to skip you out of the RPG.

Relationships:  A good thing to keep in mind is that there are a total of two single guys in NeoConstellation.  Derek and Leo.  Derek spends half his time as a cat and Leo is a dog.  Both of them are airheads.  Both are not available to play in the RPG.  Out of the guys who are available, they're taken.  (Shelby=Peggy, Gem=Sagi)  If you'd like a good RPG to join (one that also needs guys and does take fictional characters) try the Stardust Inn RPG. Truth be told, you'd probably have a relatively easy time getting in since there are no conformities.

Did we scare you away?  Still want to apply? Or are you here to check the results?