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Apply pg. 2

Just copy/paste this HTML code into your e-mail browser window and send it off to this crazy nutcase.  Your name will be posted on the results page in a few days, at most a week. 

Common Name:
Date of Birth:
Zodiac Sign:
Blood Type:
(Orpheus, Parleyville --- Parleyville is farther away from the action, Orpheus is where the story takes place)
(Orpheus Middle School, Orpheus First School of Art, other? If so, please include a detailed description.)
Fav. Food:
Hated Food:
Fav. Color:
Hated Color:
Fav. Subject:
Hated Subject:
Dreams & Aspirations:

Appearance: What do they usually wear? Hair, eye color? Height? Dark skin, pale skin?
Personality: Likes, dislikes, social, love life? Flaws?
Past History: Detail, please.
NPCs: Friends, family, etc.

Senshi Name:
Senshi Of:
Henshin Item:
Fuku: Detail is very, very good. Draw a picture if you can, you won't be judged on your drawing skills.
Attacks: 2 or 3. No God-like superpower attacks. You should have at least one offense and one defense.

Writing Sample: Your sample should be at least a half-page long. Conversation is good, but don't make it all talk. I WILL NOT ACCEPT DIALOUGE WRITING. If you don't know what that is, it's writing like this:
Pegasus: Dialouge writing is baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad.
Sagi: *nods* It's a no-no.
Get it? The story must be done using your character, not another fanfic character or character from an anime series.