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I assure you we're worth the wait time!
NeoConstellation and The Constellation Guardians have been around The Kawaii Korner since the beginning. The brainchild of Tori and Fluffy, the C-senshi have grown from a handful of inexperienced, confused, wrong childeren into responsible, well-rounded young adults... yeah. If the world were perfect and pigs grew wings. Pegasus and Cassiopeia are still at each others throats, as are Shelby and Gem, and yet in the midst of all similarity there have been changes.
Some of the characters have been updated, mostly Cassiopeia, seen at right. Cassie (AKA The Annoying Bunny Slipper Queen)was one of the original seven characters, and was very outdated by the time the RPG rolled around. Therefore, with her original creator (Fluffy) playing her in the RPG, I just made a copy and stuck it in the fanfiction. One character that has changed very little is Sailor Orion, now with the name Ginger Vesta instead of Oriana Welsh. Thanks for the idea, Sky. The only physical difference is that in the RPG Ginger has dark green hair, and in the fanfic her hair is black. Also, if a character isn't used often/has never been named in the fic and you give her a name in the RPG, that name will be used for the fic. Well, you probably want to get to reading by now, don't you? Enjoy the next generation. Cassiopeia

Welcome Chelsea as Sailor Sagittarius to NC: RP!!! We still are in desperate need of guys!!! Also for NeoConstellation: RPG, the members page is now up!! In other news... Welcome back, Fluffy! Can we have a round of applause for the second original author? *clapping sounds* I am diligently working on the Christmas fic, but not sure if it'll get done! E-mail me with suggestions!!! ˇFeliz Navidad, Todos!

What's left of TCG
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The Kawaii Korner