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Characters          updated August 13

Okay, people, I'm going to clear some things up now. One, this is a NeoConstellation based RPG. Keep that in mind while sending in an app. Two, there is now another rule. (sorry) The 4 guardians (Draco, Scorpio, Hercules, and Leo) can be controlled by anybody. This was created so that the RPG could run smoother. Three, let me make one more thing clear: although these are "set" characters, that doesn't mean that your creativity level has to be '0'. For example, if Sky wants Orion to have green hair, well then, by all means let the character have green hair... it can be dyed in the RPG, even though it's black in NeoConstellation. This is because NC: RP is totally different than the fanfiction version.

Also, if you have never read NeoConstellation, I really suggest that you do so before joining the RPG.
That's basically it for my ranting today.
Now just in: You have a higher chance of making it if you apply for a guy character (Shelby or Gem)

Sailor Pegasus/Tori Krufenheiger: played by Tori
Sailor Cassiopeia/Capri Nulasnam: played by Fluffy
Sailor Orion/Ginger Vesta: played by Sky
Sailor Chibi-Ursa/Katie: reserved
Sailor Chibi-Canis: available
Sailor Sagittarius/Chelsea Krufenheiger: played by Chelsea
Gemini/Alexander: available
Shelby/Eclypse: available
4 guardians: not available
3 Guardians: not yet available
Sailor Aries/Joan Arrich: available
Sailor Aquarius: available
Sailor Pisces: played by Chrissy

Some notes:
These characters already have quite established personalities:

Chibi-Canis: Gemini's messenger along with Chibi-Ursa. Smart and intellegent for one of the younger senshi. Blonde curly hair and blue eyes that make her look adorable. Blue over black relativly unadorned fuku.
Gemini:Pegasus's ex. Hates Shelby for all he's worth, except for the rare moments when they actually agree on something. No power except for some kind of authority that no one messes with and a nifty little sword-type thing that runs off energy. Evil for one period of time in the original story with the chibis and Saggittarius, who he seems to have a strange obsession of casual flirting with.Violet eyes. Has a tendency to wear his longish white-blonde hair in a ponytail. Rumor is that he's never really cut it.
Shelby:Also known as the Guardian of energy. He's annoying, yet smart and funny. Hate's Gemini, again, except for the rare occurance that they should agree. In his Guardian form as Eclypse (a name that he hates) he wears every tux element except the jacket and a really cool black and dark violet lined cape. Violet eyes. Sand-blonde hair that comes down to just above his shoulders. Choppy-cut.
Aries:Leader of the Zodiac senshi. Long red-brown hair that she wears in a braid, red Zodiac fuku. Ruddy pink (think Chibiusa) eyes. Warning: needs serious attitude ajustment when she's mad.
Aquarius:Zodiac senshi. Short light blue hair (like Haruka), green eyes. Blue Zodiac fuku. Peaceful and queit most of the time, reliable.

The Constellation Fuku

The Senshi in NeoConstellation wear different fuku from one another in one sense or another. Most wear fuku with different colored (not silver) bodysuits. Some do, like Cassiopeia. Another option is the band around the outside of the skirt. It can be there or not, there could be two of them, or there can be one moved higher up. Tiaras can be any color. Footwear and gloves can be totally different. Bows in front are short (like the regular fuku) but the bows in back can be any length or size. There are all sorts of gadgets added on to fuku, such as the Millennium Heart, Centennial Platnium Heart, and Cassiopeia's crystal on the front bows, and Chibi-Ursa's bear design on her choker. However, in normal senshi form (Sailor whatever, not Super Sailor or Eternal/Infinite) there are no wings, etc. Here's an example: Cassiopeia, Orion, and Pegasus done by Fluffy.

The Zodiac Fuku

The Zodiac senshi have different fuku than the Constellation senshi. Mainly becuase these senshi are more powerful. They only have one uniform color. All the 'real' Zodiac senshi (except for Leo, Gemini, Sagittarius, and Scorpio) follow these guidelines:

Skirt: Color
Collar: Color
Bodysuit: White
Necklace: Gold chain
Boots: Gold
Bows: Gold
Tiara: Color with gold stone and white engraving
Brooch: Color with gold white-edged engraving

The white engraving on the brooch and tiara is of each senshi's sign.

For an Application:

Send an e-mail in to Tori, who will send it in to The Kawaii Korner Administration Board. The app must contain:
The Administration Board will then send you a reply, CC'ed to Tori. The Board doesn't meet everyday, and so a wait of at least a few days is to be expected.