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Adopt a demento -kitty

Here at The Kawaii Korner, we recently

inherited a few demented kitties.

But now we have too many!

Will you be a dear and adopt one of these crazy kittens?

The Kawaii's own guardian demento-kitty, Pinkae.


To adopt a demento-kitty:

You must have a valid web page and e-mail to adopt a demento-kitty.

E-mail The Kawaii Korner and tell us the size, shape, color(s), name, eye color, and so forth. Also, if you want a demento-kitty guardian for your site or senshi, specify the symbol on it's forehead, it's name, and the senshi/site's name. All demento-kitties are JPG on white backgrounds. (You can edit this on your own)

When you adopt your demento-kitty, please put this HTML code on your page:

<!--Start Adopt-a-kitty code!-->


<A HREF="">

<img border="2" src="" alt="I adopted a demento-kitty!">


Adopt your own demento-kitty today from The Kawaii Korner!!</A>


<!--End Adopt-a-kitty code!-->