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"Gemini, you still have no idea how that thing works, do you?" I asked.
"Yes, I do." He said. He is so very proud of himself for buying, of all things, a cell phone. Jeez, everyone has cell phones today, but anyway…
"So, how does it work?" I asked.
"I have no idea." He said. "I figure if somebody calls me, fine. All I do is answer the phone, so why bother?"
"You do have a point." I said.
"Don't I?" He said.
"You do make very good points." I remarked. "But you make better points in conversation with meaning."
"And this means…." He said.
"This means," I continued, "That once you start talking, you can't shut up."
"Oh, and I suppose you're any better?"
I twirled around. "Shut up, Orion! I'm making a point!"
She smiled and said, "I was only trying to make one myself."
"This is getting nuts." Said Gemini, standing up. "I'm going somewhere and doing something." He left.
"Now look!" I said to Orion, "You drove my boyfriend off!"
"Your husband, Pegasus."
"Oh yeah." I said. "Why have I been doing that lately?"
"I have no idea. You're so sketchy lately. Like you're not yourself. Like.. I don't know, like you're somewhere else entirely, not paying any attention to the world. You're different."
"Maybe I just need some sleep." I said. "No!" I corrected. "No, I'm not sleeping!"
She looked at me like maybe I was nuts. "And why are you not sleeping? I'm sorry, but maybe that's the reason why you're so jumpy."
I figured I might as well confide in somebody. "Well, I had this totally believable dream, ok?"
"So you're not sleeping because of a dream?"
"It's more. The content of the dream."
"Ohhh! Juicy details!"
"Anyway," I continued. "There was a cat. And a few people. Except I've never seen anyone like them in my life. And yet I felt they had played a big role in some important event, that never took place."
"That is so cool!" She squealed.
"No, it's not!" I said. "It's scary!"
"Maybe you need a counselor or something."
"No! I'm not crazy, Orion."
"Well anyway, you're going to that thing in Crystal Tokyo. You know, the meeting thing."
"Oh yeah, that."
"It's big. You know that the annual conference of the heavens is a big thing."
"It's boring."
"I bet if you paid attention it wouldn't be."
"I've tried paying attention. Doesn't work."
"Whose the guest speaker this time?"
"Who knows? It's over radio frequency, so you can never tell. I think its some person called, uh… I dunno. I forget."
"You are so interesting sometimes."
"Yep. I know."
"You better go."
"Yeah. Sure."
The Annual Conference of the Heavens.

I was right: It was boring. As boring as boring as boring can be.
First, short hello to Serenity. Yeah, that NeoQueen Serenity. In other words, we're of equal rank so you can just forget about that respect those in higher positions of power thing.
It's just that she gets paid more.
J/K all though it's true.
And, sitting there listening and listening and doodling on the legal pad I was supposed to take notes and points of interest on, I saw him.
One of the people from my dream.
The one that I felt the strongest relation to.
I shook my head, trying to clear it, and that's when I noticed the look on his face- utter surprise.
Probably wondering why I'm staring at him like that, I thought. Wondering if I'm completely crazy. Well I must be! Maybe Orion's right, maybe I need counseling. Maybe I'll just live out my life in a mental hospital!
I calmed my nerves and cleared my head. I saw him look away again, look of surprise still showing (but not much) on his face. I pretended to be fascinated looking at Serenity doodle on her notepad. Obviously, he was as bored sitting around and listening as I was, and I studied him out of the corner of my eye.
He was sitting there, listening, but obviously as bored as the next person. One lock of sandy blonde hair fell in his eyes and he didn't bother to push it out of the way. It was then that I had a totally stupid idea: maybe I should ask him if like we know each other or something, would definitely clear some things up.
But then again, it would be a very stupid idea. Very very stupid. I wondered for awhile and then noticed that people were starting to file out.
To a really dumb reception. But then again, I did have the chance to sort him out from the crowd and study him out of the corner of my eye again.
I just sort of sat on the windowsill and after awhile just sort became involved at looking out the window more that anything.
That's when he came up, and asked me a very (by my account) stupid question.
"Excuse me, but do I know you?"
I turned and guess who it was? Mr. I-don't-know-where-I've-met -you-but-I've-met-you-before.
"Um, no, I don't think so." I responded.
"Oh. Um," he said, clearly as nervous as I was, "Well… I have something really stupid sounding to tell you."
"That's okay." I said. "Can't be nearly as stupid as what I have to tell you. But you can go first."
"Great," I heard him mutter, and then in normal tone, "Well… see I really think I know you because I've had this dream and-"
"Yes!" I said, "I'm not crazy!"
"It's the same dream!" I said, "Which means that I'm not crazy, which I was beginning to fear I was, because I mean, who has dreams where they know a bunch of people that they've never seen before and-"
"Whoa." He said. "Slow down a second, will you?"
"Oh. Yeah?" I said.
"So who's the cat?"
"I dunno." I shrugged.
"Well that makes two of us." He responded.
"Anyway," I said, noticing people beginning to walk out of the reception hall, "Nice to, um, meet you, whether before or after, see you later."
I left.
Few days later…

There was a talking cat in front of me and Gemini, introducing herself as Draco, and telling us that she was my guardian cat. Wow. I feel so special. And so, she proved it to us by making the nearly invisible destiny mark on her forehead appear. Permentantly.
A small iRosymbol inside a crescent moon.
"It's true." I said. The dream was becoming a reality!
"You sure?" Gemini asked.
"Absolutely." I responded.
"Sir…" She said directly at Gemini, "I need to… have a word with Pegasia for a minute or so…"
He got up and left.
"Pegasus." She said.
"What? I responded automatically.
"That proves it." She said.
"Proves what?"
"That you're not Pegasia."
"Of course I am!" I said.
"But you're not! You've erased your own memory of what's happened."
"What happened?"
"You know Shelby… the guy you met at the conference?"
"Yeah… what about him? His name's Shelby?"
"Yes, it is… and he's your boyfriend."
"It's true. I alone carry your memories of being Pegasus. I also carry his of being Shelby. That's not his true title."
"So… I'm really someone else?"
"And Gemini's your enemy."
"You heard me."
"Yeah, but you've just told me that someone I don't know is my boyfriend and that my (real) boyfriend is my enemy!"
"Yes, I know."
"And I erased-"
"Everybody's memory. Including Gemini's of ever being your enemy."
"So, you came here to freak me out?"
"No, I have your emotions from the last time that you ever saw Shelby, as he was fading from your memory. They're immensely painful, and I want to get rid of them. Double that because I have Shelby's, and he felt the same way. I want you to have your memories back."
"What if I don't want them?"
"Too bad. By the power invested in me by the iRodot, I call upon the powers of the constellation Draco, to renew and restore the memory of Pegasus!"

"What the…." I said. "What just happened, Draco, and why the heck am I in the Imperial Constellation Palace?"
"Because… you do remember erasing your memory, don't you?"
"Yes… Shelby! Where is he? Where? Tell me Draco, please tell me!"
"He doesn't know you exist."
"What? No… "
"You're the only one carrying memories of yourself before those memories where erased. Now, you'd better get back before your husband gets worried."
"Husband? As in…?"
"Yes. And I think you'll be pleasantly surprised as to who it is."
"No other than… Gemini."
Draco remained calm.
"Draco, you are going to march in there, right now, and renew his memory."
Before she could react, I yelled "Gemini! Get in here, please!"
He came in and I saw the look of seriousness but not the look of what evil had overcome him in the past.
I stared. "It's true…."
"What's true?" He asked, baffled.
"Draco, do it now!" I said.
"Only you can." She said.
"Fine!" I yelled, "How?"
"The Millennium Crystal!"
"Oh yeah." I said.
"The what?" Asked Gemini.
"Millennium Crystal Power!" I yelled. "I call upon the powers of the constellation Pegasus!"
"What the…" His voice trailed off and left behind the cold, hard-edged voice of evil.
"Thank goodness your evil." I said. "What am I saying?"
"Can anyone explain what just happened?" He said.
"I'd rather not. Who did we leave out of this pathetic little story?"
"Shelby… and it's going to stay that way." He said.
"Of course!" I said. "That's it! I know the secret of why you two hate each other: It's been me all along, hasn't it?"
"What?" He said.
"Ever since you met me, he's been jealous. I can feel it. He finally gets a chance when you go all psycho-evil on me and then you two just get more hateful… and it's all because of me, isn't it?"
"How did you know… I mean, no, it isn't… Um.. not at all!"
"No!" I said. "Now I know."
"Well, I don't think you'll have a chance to see your all-too-precious Shelby again. Because I'm not going to let you get to him!"
"No way, Gemini!" I said. "I know why you were so passive to letting your memory go, weren't you- you get me in perfect destiny, and then it's like Shelby never existed!"
"Um… No , that wasn't quite-"
"I know it was! Gemini, you are such a… I can't say it without being very violent and rude! I am leaving right now, and if you want to dispute that-"
"You're not leaving."
"You bet I am!" I retorted. "I am leaving right now, this very instant!"
"Yes, but the Millennium and Platinum Crystal's are still both inside the iRodot. I control one and you control the other as of this minute. Neither of us are going anywhere."
"Well, not anymore… I have proven that justice and especially love will always triumph over evil. And when I get mad, Sailor Pegasus gets out! Pegasus iRodot Power!"
"Won't do a thing." He said.
It didn't.
"Great." I said, sinking to the floor. "It doesn't."
"Told you." He said. "So as long as I don't want you to leave, you don't."
"That does have a drawback." I pointed out. "You can't leave if you wanted to, either."
"You're right. But I don't have anywhere to go. And besides, now I've got you too."
"Yeah, right!" I spat. "I cannot believe that in any future, past, or present I could've loved you!"
"Well you did so get over it already!"
"No. I refuse to, as you put it, get over it."
"Well that's just too bad, then, isn't it?"
"I guess it just is."

Two Years Later

I was looking at the stars, from the main balcony. It's something that I do often… just sit there and think. Although too many times have my thought turned to Shelby and what's happened in the past… or was it the future?
Only a matter of days, really… I guessed.
How I beg to still be in a war never won between two factions. It would mean that I would never have to be here now, never having to erase the memories of those who I cared for most.
(Do I have deep thoughts or what?)
It was then that my thoughts turned totally to Shelby and how much I missed him. Funny that in reality it was a matter of days and in my existence it was years. My heart felt as though it had been ripped from my body.
There was something missing, some link missing somewhere…
The Crystals!
If the Millennium Crystal activated inside the iRodot, then why couldn't the Platinum Crystal?
What if I only had the Millennium Crystal all along and not the iRodot or Platinum Crystal?
What if Gemini had lead me along on a hoax the entire time?
He had. And he would get my revenge.
But for now… he had to be put in his place.
I stomped off in search of him and found him in the library reading some book.
"Hello! Do you think I'm stupid?" I said, angrily.
"No, not particularly." He responded, looking up from his book.
"Well then, I think you are!" I said.
" You've been leading me on a hoax this entire time, haven't you?"
He cracked a smile. "I was wondering how long it would take you to figure that out."
"Not funny, mister." I spat. "For your information, the Millennium Crystal is going to tear you apart. Millennium Crystal Power!"
I used the crystal to transport myself to Shelby's front door.
I knocked and counted to ten before he answered.
"Hello. You don't know me but I know you and I have no time to explain."
"It's time for you to go back to being yourself, Shelby!" I said.
"Who's Shelby?"
"You are. Millennium Crystal Power!"
'What the… what just happened?"
"Yeah… what?"
"You're you again!" I gave him a humoungous hug.
"Yeah… what the…? I still have no idea what just happened." He concentrated a minute then said, "Wait a minute… weren't those memories supposed to be erased?"
"They were!" I said. "But they're not anymore!"
"Okay… that clears everything up just fine… care to fill me in?"
"Yeah… okay, like you know how our memories were transferred to Draco?"
"Well she didn't like the joint ones between me and you. Too painful I guess, or something. True. Anyway, in the, um… ultimate destiny that was supposed to happen, jeez I feel so guilty and dirty saying this part, I was married to Gemini. But don't get me wrong on this, okay? And anyway, so, he elevated this entire huge hoax that I just found out about so I was trapped for two years without seeing you and this was all after he got his memories back and then this ended up like this."
"So… this all ended up way screwed up like this and…?"
"And that's about it."
"So in other words we're BACK WHERE WE #%^)@!)(#%^ STARTED!!??!?!??!!?!?"
"I guess."
"This is so stupid."
"Yes, I guess you could call it that. We didn't exist but we did and now we do and-"
"Stop. My head is hurting."
"Yeah. So is mine. "
"You know what I just realized?"
"What?" "You're different in some little way. And so am I. I can feel it. It's too weird." "Yeah…" I agreed. "Yeah… now that you mention it…"