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I admit this unit of NeoConstellation is confusing but pay no attention to it and the confusion will go away (or maybe not)

NeoConstellation: Rebirth

"So… how does this one differ from the past… um. one… two… three… maybe four attempts at fanfic?" Shelby said.
"Because this one's going to be good." Vicki said. "What I want to know is what you two think of it!"
"Well, maybe if you gave us a choice to start over a little…" I said. "You know… sort of, change the main idea to make it interesting."
"Good start." She replied, writing it down.
"Yeah," Shelby picked up, "and it's getting so that Pegasus and I don't have lives outside of each other. I mean, we don't, but it's getting so that there is nothing in the story except us and our relationship."
"So?" Asked Vicki. "What do you want instead?"
"Something a little more… down to Earth?" I suggested. "Something that has to do with doing something instead of sitting there and talking, like Remembrance did."
"Okay…" she responded, "doing something…." She said, writing it down also.
"Yeah… that about it?" Shelby said, looking directly at me and then at Vicki.
"Yeah…" I said.
"Could we start this already?"


"Shelby, you lazy idiot! Get up, now! Right now, we are leaving!"
"What? Huh? Why? Where?"
"No time! We are going to find Orion and the other Sailor Senshi before Gemini does."
"Can't we do this later… as in, tomorrow some time, perhaps next year?"
"Nope. Come on."
He dragged himself up from the armchair he was sitting in and shook his head. "Why, of all people, do I have to be the one who gets dragged along with you all the time.. even when it's…" He looked at his watch. "six o'clock in the morning… SIX O'CLOCK IN THE MORNING?" He sighed. "I should know better than to ever look at my watch at these times."
"Anyway," I pointed out. "It'll probably… oh never mind. Let's go find… hmmm… we can do this the Luna way."
"The what?" He said.
"Never mind." I said.
"Let's go get Aries."
"I have a good idea: you go, I sleep." He said.
"Fine." I responded. "Maybe I will."


` I encountered Aries when I was walking down the street. Actually, maybe I ran into Joan Andrews, but what the difference…
Anyway, I watched her walk down the street, but then caught Gemini talking to her. So then, things got personal.
I jogged up behind them. "Hello, Gemi- Alex. Nice day, don't you agree?"
"Why would you care, Tori?"
"Do I know you?" Joan said, looking at me strangely.
One response came from me, the other from Gemini.
That's when things got personal.
"Gemini, you know that she's on my side, it's predetermined!"
"Yeah, but then you had to go and mess things up with erasing all the memories, didn't you?"
"So? You agreed!"
"Then this shouldn't be happening!"
"EXCUSE ME!" Shouted Joan/Aries. "but I do NOT like being picked over like a piece of fruit at the store... so why don't you TELL ME WHAT'S GOING ON!!!!"
"FINE!" I shouted. Things were getting way out of hand. "MILLENNIUM CRYSTAL POWER!!!"
I transformed… but I wasn't me.
"I am Sailor Constellation NeoPegasus, the defender of justice. On behalf of those who are hurt by injustice, I shall right wrongs and triumph over all evil! And that means you, Gemini."
He blinked.
I was as startled as he was.
"Uh… yeah." I said, "As soon as we figure it out ourselves."
` "Um…" Gemini said. "Why'd you do that?"
"Do I look like I have any idea?" I asked.
"More then I do!"
"Well I don't have the foggiest!"
"Forget about it!"
"Well, she's on my side anyway," I pointed out, "because she was before."
"BEFORE WHAT?" Joan shouted.
"You can have her!" Gemini shouted.
I produced the small power gem stick that would soon be Aries's.
"Here." I said, handing it to her. "Now, shout 'Aries Constellation Power! Your memory should be restored by doing so."
"Huh?" She said, but didn't have any real questions. "Aries Constellation Power!"
She transformed into Constellation NeoAries.
"Whoa… Pegasus, what happened and why am I NeoAries instead of just Aries?"
"I have no clue. But all our memories are being restored. Gemini has his, I have mine, Shelby has his, you have yours."
"Because Draco couldn't stand it any longer."
"So, how long did we go without remembering anything about this?"
"I don't know. All I know is that the Constellations are starting over. That must be the reason why we're transforming into Neo Constellations instead of just Constellations."
"I don't feel any older or younger or anything. In fact, this is exactly like I was." "Me too. But when I regained my memories, I found myself married to Gemini. Very unpleasant."
"I can imagine."
"No, you can't. But it was kind of cool to see him without that evil look plastered on his face."
"Wonder if we'll ever be able to wipe it off."
"I hope so. It should happen fairly soon, I hope… once we gain enough understanding of this Neo Constellation thing, I hope that we'll be able to totally rejoin the Constellations into one group again. It's kind of pathetic to turn a group of people against each other when you have a messed up love triangle involved in the storyline as well. I mean, there's nothing really wrong with it, but it's just kind of weird."
"Afraid I don't know what you mean, but whatever. I just hope we can do it soon. So, am I the only Constellation 'found' yet?"
"Then shouldn't we start looking… what if they look different? I mean, you look different- your hair is longer, and my hair is too, and one of my eyes is a slightly different color… one's dark blue and the other's really light."
"Then, we'll just have to look for the mark of the Constellation. Sailor Moon and Luna thought Mercury was working for the Negaverse until they saw the sign of Mercury."
"Whatever you say. Where's Shelby?"
"He refused to be dragged along."
"Oh. Too bad."
"He can be very picky when he wants to, you know?"


"You know, this could be a bad thing."
"What could be a bad thing?"
"Nothing… just having a bad feeling about what's probably going to end up happening to me in this fanfic." Said Shelby.
"What do you mean by that?" I asked.
"Well, something's happened to you, Gemini, the Chibi-Constellations, Orion, and just about everyone else that's ever been in this story except me. And they have not been exactly good things."
"You do have a point… but if you get changed, some serious writer rear is going out the door."
"Thanks… that just makes the situation tons better."
"Doesn't it?"
"Yeah… whatever."
"Well… anyway we're…"
"…beep beep beep! Beep beep beep!"
"What's that?"
"It's my communicator. Someone's trying to call me."
"Well, answer it already."
I answered the communicator, ceased its beeping, and-
< > "It's Aries. We have a problem."
"What is it?"
"Well, Gemini's here and I'm here and someone else is here and I need some HELP!"
"Okay. We'll be there as soon as possible… where are you?" "The park. By the lake." "Okay. Be right there."


What was going on was almost indistinguishable from the scenery around us. Until I caught a flash of Aries.
"What's going on?"
"Um… I don't really know. Gemini and I have spent the last half hour attacking each other in random patterns. Think you can do anything?"
"I don't know. Maybe if I had some help."
Draco, who had come along, was shocked. "I know!" She produced a small stick. "This is the Constellation Wand," she said carefully. "And within it is carried the ultimate destiny of all Constellations. It should get all the known Constellations past and present here and make peace. Give it a try."
"Okay." I said. "Let's do this. Um… what's the catchy phrase I have to say when I use this thing?"
She sighed. "Just shout 'Constellation Wand… whatever."
"Whatever? Do I fill in the blank or say whatever?"
"Enough!" said Gemini. "Can we just get this OVER with?"
"I'm using my special powers, I don't trust that thing yet."
"FINE!!!" shouted Gemini. "Just DO this already, ok??"
"I call upon the powers of the Constellation Pegasus… help me to locate and restore the memories of the Constellation Senshi….!"
The constellations appeared and took their sides. Except for Orion, who was just confused, and then decided to side with me.
"There… now I can use this, I suppose," I said, doubtingly. "Constellation Wand expiation!"
The result was beautiful. I mean, how can you regain that evil part of yourself while keeping the good inside you? How can you measure the fate of a person who is evil without seeing and restoring the good?

The important part was getting to the peace inside everyone here… we are one and that is what matters most in our lives.
The Constellations are no longer two groups…. We are one. Or maybe not… because now we aren't.