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Hi there, folks. Remember The Constellation Guardians? Ugh... that was SUCH a long time ago. Well, since then, it broke into a new story entitled NeoConstellation. But then it ended. And now it continues.

I assure you that I am a) a better writer and b) fully sane now. Because TCG was basically one of the first fanfic-type stories I wrote and... you DON'T want to start out that way. So in a rather poor attempt to make it better, I made it worse. But now... it's all fixed and all for the better... really!

Who CARES if all my characters went insane? That's part of the FUN! They mess with my head, I mess with theirs!

After a long time of having them mess with my head, I sent them out into the world to mess with other peoples' heads. Such as Fluffy and Chelsea here. *waves hand at Fluffers and Chels* Cassiopeia and Sagittarius now live inside their brains.

Am I a brain surgeon? No, not enough patience. A miracle worker? Far from a miracle, if you ask me. A superheroine? Actually, yes, but that's another story. I'm just the administrator of a lil' old RPG called... you guessed it, NeoConstellation.

That's right. The fanfic is now an RPG. And it's rather fun, too, which is good, because it's Role Playing Game, not Role Playing Work.

Anyway, who am I to ramble like this?

Enter the Infinite Millennium