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Waaaaay back when, there was a good queen named... Queen... Pegasia, you dolt!  Queen Pegasia!  And the Queen had two daughters, Princess Pegasus and Princess Sagittarius.  (Her royal highness Sagi liked to get on her royal highness Peggy's nerves about her royal highness Peggy's being born first.) Strangely enough we never find out much about the King.  Peggy was supposed to marry Prince Gemini, but somehow...

The entire thing got whacked out of control by the blundering fool who calls him self Eclypse,  Guardian of Energy.

You may call him Shelby.

So now Peggy loves Shelby, Shelby loves Peggy, Gemini loves Sagi and Sagi likes to slap Gem.   Call it a love quadrilateral with a half a side missing.  

The upshot of all this being, the good senshi of the heavens, Pegasus, Shelby, and their allies, are fighting against the evil senshi, Gemini, Sagittarius, Cassiopeia, and their allies.   Who will complete their army first?  Who will rule the universe?  Who will join what cause, betraying their families and friends?

Who will unscrew the lid of this pickle jar for me?