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Constellation Senshi

"Constellation Senshi" is the term given to all of the senshi.  There is no set uniform, however, all of the senshi seem to wear variations on the traditional fuku.  The bodysuits and other accessories are usually not white, but there's no law against it.  All these senshi are named after constellations and their powers refer to the constellation.

Zodiacal Senshi

The Zodiacal Senshi are the senshi named after the zodiac constellations.  Their fuku is the same, only differing in color from one to the next.  Their powers coincide with their sign,  and they are more powerful than the rest of the senshi.  The Zodiacal fuku is like the uniform of the inner senshi, with white as the main bodysuit color.  Their colors determine the collar,  skirt, and cuff colors.  The cuff of the boots can be either gold, and their bows are gold.  Their chokers are made out of gold chains.  In the center of their bow is a brooch engraved with their sign, and the same design is engraved on the stone in their tiara.  


Guardians are the ruling forces of the universe.  We currently know of six  (seven?).  Shelby (Eclypse), Cata, Anya, Ryma, Ursa, Derek, and Draco.  Only Shelby (Guardian of Energy) is available as of yet in this RPG.