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Movie Reviews

  1. Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz
  2. Princess Mononoke (Mononoke-Hime)
  3. Tenchi Muyo! In Love
  4. Tenchi Muyo! In Love II (Tenchi Forever)
  5. Sailor Moon SuperS: The Black Dream Hole

Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz

Tori's Opinion: 9/10

There is no such thing as a perfect movie, but G-Wing: Endless Waltz comes pretty close.  The sequel/prequel to the popular Gundam Wing TV, series, it's a must-see in it's original, uncut edition.  Hint, hint--don't show small children the uncut version, there's some pretty heavy emphasis on blood and death at the end.   However, if you didn't expect that, you don't know jack about Gundam, especially a series like G-Wing.  The main character, Heero Yuy, (AKA The Perfect Soldier) is just a tad suicidal, and the supporting cast includes a philosophical chauvinist (Wufei), a boy who is known as The God of Death (Duo), a heir who apologizes to his enemies before and after killing them (Quatre), a silent, plotting clown whose job is to have his sister throw knives at him (Trowa), and, of course, there is Relena.  The upshot of the movie is Vice Foreign Minister Relena's kidnapping by a girl named Mariemaea, the late Trieze's (illegitimate?) daughter, who believes her father's wish is for her to rule the world.  Some of the minor characters (Noin, Zechs, Sally Po, Lady Une) show up as well.

Despite some of it's confusing scenes (old battles, new gundams, flashbacks, unnecessary camera angle changes) Endless Waltz comes off as Gundam Wing at it's finest.  At least there is no OZie officer screaming "It's a Gundam!" at every opportunity.  Although one of the MM soldiers does shout "It's the Tallgeese!," which comes close.

Memorable Lines:

"War is like an endless waltz--the three beats of war, peace, and revolution continue on forever." -Mariemaea

"We'll just take the weapons... and war itself... along with us to hell!" --Duo Maxwell (uncut edition)

"...unfortunately, dear, not everyone is as smart as you are."  --Old guy speaking to his granddaughter about the war

Buy it?  Uncut.

Rent it? Definitly.

Watch it?  Yes, even with the editing. 

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Princess Mononoke (Mononoke-Hime)

Tori's Opinion: 6/10

Princess Mononoke comes in two versions: the English-dubbed Princess Mononoke, available on both VHS and DVD, and the subtitled Mononoke-Hime, available on DVD only.  (This review is for Princess MononokeMononoke has many famous people in it's voice cast, most notably Claire Danes (from The Mod Squad), Minnie Driver (Good Will Hunting), Billy Bob Thorton (Armageddon), Billy Crudup (Without Limits), Gillian Anderson (The X-Files), and Jada Pinkett Smith (Scream 2).   Sadly, Mononoke lacks in originality.  Some of the conveyed themes and such as mildly interesting, but the overall storyline would have anyone bored to death if the rest of it wasn't so amazing.  Strong animation and great sound quality make up for the plot's lack of originality.  Also, be forewarned--the dubbing is horrible.  Don't get me wrong, the voices are great, the dubbing is okay for the people, but the animals (who do a LOT of talking) are dubbed horribly.  There is NO mouth/voice coordination whatsoever, plus, they tried to make them sound all rough, so it seems as if they are perpetually grunting, constipated, or both.  (DON'T LAUGH, I'm serious.)  Overall, rent Mononoke from your video store.  I'm not even to begin with the plot, since I think it's too unoriginal to mention.

Memorable Lines: not really

Buy it? If you're desperate.

Rent it? Why not?

Watch it? It only played in a handful of American theaters, and has never been on US television.

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Tenchi Muyo! In Love

Tori's Opinion: 8/10

If you're a Tenchi! fan, you'll absolutely love Tenchi Muyo! In Love.  The story of Tenchi's parents, Nobiyuki and Achika.  Most of the Tenchi! cast is thrown back to 1970 to witness the courtship of Nobiyuki and Achika, only to discover that Tenchi's future is threatened by a criminal (Kain) with a grudge against Jurai.  It's a race to the death to determine who will win: Tenchi, or Kain?

Memorable lines:

"It's strange, that the same power my mother gave up to protect me might've helped her live longer."  --Tenchi

Buy it?  Maybe.

Rent it?  It should be the first thing you pick up.

Watch it?  It's never been on American TV.


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Tenchi Muyo! In Love 2 (Tenchi Forever)

Tenchi Forever is rather... strange.  If you don't pick up what's going on right away,  be prepared to be very confused for half the movie.  We follow an all-grown-up Tenchi (with to die for long hair, when he grew, he grew hot)  through his art-college life with shack-up whatshername. (I can't remember it for the life of me.)  Turns out WHN is drawing Tenchi into her make-believe universe to make up for Yosho. (Yep, that Yosho, AKA Masaki Katsuhito, Tenchi's grandpa)  

Hint--this movie it NOT for little children. I mean it.  Swearing, sex, violence.  In other words, 13+. 

Buy it? Remember, 13+.

Rent it? Just remember the above.

Watch it?  Do you think they'd put something like that on TV here?

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Sailor Moon Supers: The Black Dream Hole

Tori's Opinion: 7/10

I like the opening scene in Mako's kitchen.  That's right, don't watch ANY of the Sailor Moon movies dubbed.  Do not ask WHY, just DO IT!  They are a thousand times better left alone and subtitled.  In fact, the whole series is better left intact, but not many people manage to buy the entire series.  (with the exception of Fluffy)  *Fluffy waves from her spot, where she is sitting on a tower of a) the entire Sailor Moon series, and b) the entire Fushigi Yugi series*  Anyway, the story revolves around ChibiUsa/Chibi Moon, the annoying pink-haired brat.  We don't see an excessive deal of Tuxedo Kamen, only the one scene where he gets the living crap beat out of him.  

And then there is Peruru, the little boy with fairy wings, as I like to call him.  The Black Dream Hole sucks the sugar energy out of children to fuel the force to take over the world, in classic Sailor Moon fashion.  Peruru's three brothers/friends/co-workers pilot the ships to gather the children, but now Peruru is rebelling.  He and ChibiUsa also have a thing.  She gives him cookies that were meant for Mamoru.  (Meaning: normally, you'd have to wrestle them away from her) 

Memorable lines:

"It's time for the three o'clock fairy..." --Kino Makoto (Lita)

"These cookies increase your strength and will a hundredfold!" --ChibiUsa (Rini)

Buy it? Subbed, it's cute.

Rent it? Subbed, although a lot of video stores only carry the dubs.

Watch it? Not on American TV as of yet.


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