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Tori Krufenheiger/Sailor Pegasus

Sailor Pegasus

Pegasia... the princess of the infinite... and Pegasus, the soldier of destiny. They are the same person... because  the Infinite Millennium couldn't be created without her power... 

 Sailor P

Sailor Pegasus is a character from T.E.'s NeoConstellation. Originally Princess Pegasia, (future ruler of the sky) Pegasus underwent many lifestyle changes. First, becoming a sailor senshi on the unremarkable star seed mission, then serving a fake principle, Pegasus's life is very... strange, to say the least.

Pegasus was never 'discovered' as a sailor senshi. Her guardian, Draco, was never truly meant to be a guardian. Her boyfriend was never supposed to leave his workplace, much less have a life, and besides, he wasn't meant to be her boyfriend. You could've guessed.

As you can see, Pegasus's actions made a lot of things happen that shouldn't have. First, Pegasus was never supposed to be "Sailor Pegasus" for a long time. But her friend/enemy/co-worker  Sailor Cassiopeia screwed up the star seed mission, then disappeared, and so she got into the notch of Sailor Pegasus. Draco was one of the Guardians, namely the Guardian of Power. Although there are many Guardians of Power, Draco was a very influential one, and practiced favoritism among the inner-planet senshi, making sure Sailor Jupiter got the Thunder Dragon. She was demoted after this was found out. Shelby... well, Shelby, as the Guardian of Energy, wasn't really allowed to have a life, but he broke the rules. Strangely enough, he never got into any real trouble for this. So he got up and left, and took a vacation, which brings us back to Pegasus. 

Some Stats on Sailor Pegasus



Name: Tori Krufenheiger
Birthday: September 26
Sign: Libra
Blood Type: O
Senshi name: Sailor Pegasus
Fuku colors: Purple and Blue
Gemstone: Sapphire


Hair color: Brown
Least fav. subject: P.E.
School: First School of Art      &
Eye color: Brown
Fav. color: Alice blue, gold/yellow, and dark purple, navy blue
Least fav. color: Anything neon
Fav. food: Pretzels and pizza
Least fav. food: Pork 
Fav. subject: Photography, Art
Lives in: Orpheus


Named after the Greek mythological musician and poet who almost succeeded in rescuing his wife Eurydice from Hades, Orpheus is a small city in the U.S. Or, rather, much like Pittsburgh, it is a small city within a large city, often considered part of the city. Orpheus, removed by 50 miles of nothingness from it's larger city, Parleyville, relies on mostly farming to bring in the bucks. It's a cow town thing.


The First School of Art

the school uniform The First School of Art, located in downtown Orpheus, hosts the most 'artistically gifted' students from the public school system in Parleyville. Tori made it in only because of her violin and her photography. Although she doesn't consider herself 'musically gifted', she is, and plays the violin. Although she's not the best at art (leave that up to Capri), she tries. But her photography skills are great. FSA's uniform consists of a gray pullover vest, long-sleeved shirt with black cuffs, black skirt, and a red-and-black sailor collar.

Pegasus's Attacks... Prayer Infinite Kiss
In this attack, Pegasus spins and brings her hands together, then holds them up in front of her face. Then she brings them around and out, fingers interlaced, to point at the target. What this attack does is applies extreme pressure to wherever the attack hits the opponent.

Pegasus Millennium Heart, Make-up!

This is Pegasus's transformation. More later.


Hey Cassie, Ori, check this one out:

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