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Tori The Millennium Awards

What? You want
me to host what?
The Millennium Awards?
Eek! We've got to get




Hey. I'm Tori Krufenheiger, AKA Sailor Pegasus. And I've just been told that I'm hosting the Millennium Awards!!!

The awards are given out in these categories:

Best Original Senshi Shrine
Best New Senshi Shrine
Best Overall SM Website
Best Original Senshi Fanfiction
Best New Senshi Fanfiction
Best Image Gallery
Best Original Senshi RPG
Best New Senshi RPG

The final winners will be decided by the Administration.
To enter a site, the site must be:

Easily Navigationable
Somewhat Compelte
^^Always under construction, but not 'under construction'.

To nominate a site, e-mail The Administration, making the subject 'millennium nomination'.

These awards are important, since each winning site will recieve the name of a Kawaii Korner Site of the New Millennium.

Nominations will not be accepted later than December 25, 2000. (Christmas)